Question of the Day: What’s the Deal with Walk-ons?

dontwalksignI just read a post over at called Calipari discusses walk-ons regarding Calipari’s decision not to use walk-ons on his team.  I understand, basically, what a walk-on is, but:

1.  What’s the big deal about not having walk-ons?

2.  How does one become a walk-on?

3.  Do walk-ons get to do anything other than practice with the team?

4.  Do they get scholarships? (I presume the answer is no)

5.  Have there been any famous walk-ons in UK history?

6.  Are walk-ons treated any differently off the court?  (i.e., must walk 2 steps behind other team members, can’t look coach directly in the eye, must do dishes and make beds of the rest of the team, etc.)

Anything else you think I need to know about walk-ons?


2 Responses to Question of the Day: What’s the Deal with Walk-ons?

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  2. Gray says:

    1. No big deal about not having walk-ons although Mark Krebs is slated to return, maybe with a scholarship.

    2. I wrote the coaching staff and got an invitation to walk-on. Cameron Mills wrote that after getting a scholarship offer from Georgia and new SUV from his dad, his dad talked Coach Pitino into allowing him to walk-on.

    3. Walk-ons have to be eligible, of course. Some have played significant minutes.

    4. Mills got a scholarship by his junior year.

    5. Mills was a walk-on turned shooting star his junior and senior years on scholarship. Ravi Moss contributed significantly as a walk-on. Mark Coury started as a PF but played sparingly for Gillispie. Marquis Estill served as a walk-on for one season due to a numbers crunch.

    6. Mills claimed his dad got a bill for $8 every time he pulled a donut off the buffet line.

    C.J. Henry was a walk-on at Memphis who did not play his freshman season for Coach Calipari. As he was in the Yankee Minor League he enjoyed a nice signing bonus. Henry is now at Kansas with his brother Xavier.

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