My lesson for the day

Over at John Clay’s blog he posted an excerpt from Adam Zagoria’s (of Zag’s Blog) interview with Coach Cal regarding the coach’s preference for playing three point guards.  Now, I’m assuming this strategy ties in with Coach Cal’s use of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense (I feel so cool talking the jargon).  I’ve been reading  up on the offense over at a site called, and I get the strategic gist, but frankly the squiggles and the zigs and the zags and references to cut-backs and wings make my hair ache — yes, I said it makes my hair ache.  So, your job, should you choose to accept it is to:

1.  Find me a site that has, or provide on  your own, a simpler user friendly description of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense; and

2.  Explain to me how the three point-guard technique optimizes the offense (assuming that’s the purpose of the three point-guards).

Or, as Linda Richmond might say, the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense is neither a motion nor an offense.  Discuss.

UPDATE:  Vaught’s Views references some Coach Cal comments where he refers to teaching the cats “a totally new way to play.”  Talking about the same thing?


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