Ellison’s ‘Domain of Power’ an Angry Book

I wrote several posts back that my next piece of reading of Wildcat history was going to be Betty Boles Ellison’s promisingly juicy book Kentucky’s Domain of Power, Greed and Corruption.  Sadly, I couldn’t make it too far into what was from the very beginning just an angry book, seemingly motivated by something more personal than a desire to report on history.  There seemed to be quite a chip there.  I decided to put it down because,  hey, I’m looking to have a   joyous journey to the Big Blue Nation, not an angry one!  Anyway, the book at least sparked my interest in SEC rules and such.  I’ll explore those at some point, but for now I’m going back to bone up on some more Rupp history with Adolph Rupp:  Kentucky’s Basketabll Baron by former Lexington sports writer Russell Rice.


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