Okay, I can’t resist.

I know my pursuit here is solely one of attaining my maximum Wildcatness, but I just can’t turn my head away from Pitino-gate.  The LHL’s John Clay has this spot for one-stop shopping.  I’m heading over there right now, just as soon as I get the dishes off the table.  That takes on a whole other  meaning now, doesn’t it?  Or as one might be heard to ask in old Italia:  Che cosa è che sul tavolo? 

Oh, and check out this Porcini review over at yelp.com:  “My favorite restaurant until I found out that my usual booth was christened by Rick Pitino. I guess I’d come back, but not without a costco size bottle of Lysol… ” The others are funny too, I especially like the suggested martini name.


One Response to Okay, I can’t resist.

  1. Hilarious. Loved the Porcini reviews. Great find.


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