Is Wall’s back against a wall?

October 23, 2009

The word on the street, or at least from ESPN and the LHL,  is that John Wall could be looking at an NCAA suspension over questions regarding his amateur status.  The same fate faces Mississippi State’s top freshman, Renardo Sidney.  

Wall’s eligibility quandary stems from his former coach, Brian Clifton, who allegedly was a certified agent while also serving as Wall’s coach.  And according to at least one blog, no actually two blogs  this is apparently not new news.

NCAA spokeswoman Stacey Osburn told that “The line in the sand is if an agent or whatever they want to call themselves was marketing an individual student-athlete or prospective student-athlete based on their athletic abilities. If so, there are potential issues.”

Penalties can include Wall being required to pay back any “expenses” or being suspended from a certain percentage of games. 

Just what would he have to pay back?  Someone tell me.  I haven’t a clue.  But I am curious.  Apparently, in 2005 UK’s Randolph Morris’ was suspended from 14 games after he associated with a sports agency during a failed attempt to enter the NBA Draft. 

So, what kind of card games get played with these “agents?”  Give me some of the gossip, innuendo, anecdotes, rumor –or better yet — true stories of the things that go on.  I wanna know! 

This is the kind of stuff that reeeeeeally gets me going.


Warp speed . . . engage

October 16, 2009

There’s a great post by Mark Story over at on the mega boost of adrenalin John Wall and Eric Bledsoe are expected inject into the Wildcats this year.  The lickety-split Wall and Bledsoe are described as “blurs” on the court,  with Wall immodestly claiming he’s the fastest and Bledsoe dubbing himself as the Hermes of the hoops.  Story observes though that Wall and Bledsoe are not just fast, “they are fuel-injected jets who also bring both basketball skill and know-how.”  Story predicts the upcoming season as being “the return of basketball with a rumba beat.”  So, shall we dance?

Here’s some video of the dynamic duo’s fast and fancy footwork.

The Price of Infamy

October 14, 2009

UK has announced settlement of the breach of contract case filed by former UK coach Billy Gillispie when he was fired on March 27, 2009, by UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart for not being a “good fit” at the school.  The litigation which originally sought $6 million from the University of Kentucky has ended with the university paying  Gillispie $2.98 million plus $265,000 for Gillispie’s attorneys’ fees and mediation costs.  Gillispie’s attorney said the settlement was “several times” more than UK’s initial offers to the ex-coach .  Read the LHL story here.

Gonna sit right down and write myself a letter…

October 1, 2009

I still say my biggest impetus for deciding to become true blue is Coach Cal.  What an amazing guy.  And he never ceases to impress me.  Most recently the Herald-Leader’s Jerry Tipton at posted a story that solidified the idea that this new coach is going to be like no other — except  maybe Rupp — but with much more emotion and outward sincerity. 

Tipton writes that Cal has been writing letters to his players, something he does before each season, as a way to help them define their goals.  And he’s not looking for the loftiest of lofty goals. 

Baby steps seems to be Cal’s mantra.:  “My job is to keep these guys in the moment, not worrying about November and December. I must keep them in today. Then there’s no anxiety. There’s nothing crazy. There’s nothing overwhelming. There’s no, ‘Oh, my gosh, what if we … ‘”  What a way to inspire, it’s indeed counterintuitive to how  most people do things these days.  How could anyone (win or lose) not have confidence in this guy?

I still can’t wait for the season to begin so I can dig in for real.

Calipari Remembers 9/11

September 10, 2009 reports that Calipari will be in New York for a book-signing of his latest book, Bounce Back, on Thursday and plans to visit the World Trade Center site afterward.  Proceeds from the book will go to the September 11 Memorial and Museum.

“Knowing that I will be signing books in a store adjacent to the World Trade Center site on the eve of 9/11 moved my wife, Ellen, and I to make this donation in hopes of honoring those who lost their lives on that solemn day eight years ago,” said Calipari.

LeBron James High School Teammate now UK Assistant Coach

September 10, 2009

Jerry Tipton over at the LHL’s blogs on a report that UK has hired Brandon Weems, who played with James at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio.  The two have remained very close.  Jeff Young, who coached Weems at Walsh University says Weems will be more than just a recruiting tool:  “He was hired because of who he is,” Young said, “not necessarily who he knows.”   Get more details at

Rehab Rumor Confirmed by Gillespie

September 10, 2009 has confirmed former UK Coach Billy Gillespie’s plans for alcohol rehab at the John Lucas Athletes After Care Program. Gillespie was quoted:

“I’m not very proud of what happened in Kentucky two weeks ago,” said Gillispie. “That’s inexcusable at this stage of my life. It should have never happened.  I think one of the things I’ve always been is honest and truthful. I’ve never been afraid to accept responsibility. I am accepting responsibility by going to spend some time with John Lucas in Houston. He’s got the John Lucas Athletes After Care Program. He’s going to deal with some alcohol issues for me.”

Read the story here.