Warp speed . . . engage

October 16, 2009

There’s a great post by Mark Story over at kentuckysports.com on the mega boost of adrenalin John Wall and Eric Bledsoe are expected inject into the Wildcats this year.  The lickety-split Wall and Bledsoe are described as “blurs” on the court,  with Wall immodestly claiming he’s the fastest and Bledsoe dubbing himself as the Hermes of the hoops.  Story observes though that Wall and Bledsoe are not just fast, “they are fuel-injected jets who also bring both basketball skill and know-how.”  Story predicts the upcoming season as being “the return of basketball with a rumba beat.”  So, shall we dance?

Here’s some video of the dynamic duo’s fast and fancy footwork.


Wall Already Player of the Year

September 10, 2009

john-wall1I’ve been hearing a lot about John Wall (and Eric Bledsoe) being the players who will work magic this season.  Regarding Wall, the high hopes have already been confirmed by foxsports.com who has named him Player of the Year before the first tip-off of the season.  I’ll probably be doing a lot of studyin’ on Wall and Bledsoe for the next few weeks.  I’ll let you know what I learn — so beginneth the lesson.

Read more on Wall’s pre-season accolade over at kentuckysports.com

Question of the Day: What’s the Deal with Walk-ons?

August 3, 2009

dontwalksignI just read a post over at kentuckysports.com called Calipari discusses walk-ons regarding Calipari’s decision not to use walk-ons on his team.  I understand, basically, what a walk-on is, but:

1.  What’s the big deal about not having walk-ons?

2.  How does one become a walk-on?

3.  Do walk-ons get to do anything other than practice with the team?

4.  Do they get scholarships? (I presume the answer is no)

5.  Have there been any famous walk-ons in UK history?

6.  Are walk-ons treated any differently off the court?  (i.e., must walk 2 steps behind other team members, can’t look coach directly in the eye, must do dishes and make beds of the rest of the team, etc.)

Anything else you think I need to know about walk-ons?