Gonna sit right down and write myself a letter…

October 1, 2009

I still say my biggest impetus for deciding to become true blue is Coach Cal.  What an amazing guy.  And he never ceases to impress me.  Most recently the Herald-Leader’s Jerry Tipton at Kentuckysports.com posted a story that solidified the idea that this new coach is going to be like no other — except  maybe Rupp — but with much more emotion and outward sincerity. 

Tipton writes that Cal has been writing letters to his players, something he does before each season, as a way to help them define their goals.  And he’s not looking for the loftiest of lofty goals. 

Baby steps seems to be Cal’s mantra.:  “My job is to keep these guys in the moment, not worrying about November and December. I must keep them in today. Then there’s no anxiety. There’s nothing crazy. There’s nothing overwhelming. There’s no, ‘Oh, my gosh, what if we … ‘”  What a way to inspire, it’s indeed counterintuitive to how  most people do things these days.  How could anyone (win or lose) not have confidence in this guy?

I still can’t wait for the season to begin so I can dig in for real.


Calipari Remembers 9/11

September 10, 2009

Kentuckysports.com reports that Calipari will be in New York for a book-signing of his latest book, Bounce Back, on Thursday and plans to visit the World Trade Center site afterward.  Proceeds from the book will go to the September 11 Memorial and Museum.

“Knowing that I will be signing books in a store adjacent to the World Trade Center site on the eve of 9/11 moved my wife, Ellen, and I to make this donation in hopes of honoring those who lost their lives on that solemn day eight years ago,” said Calipari.

Well, duh. Who would’ve thought Coach Cal could teach me the dribble-drive himself?

August 10, 2009

Thanks to youtube.com he can.  I’m gonna go practice.  😉

My lesson for the day

August 5, 2009

Over at John Clay’s blog he posted an excerpt from Adam Zagoria’s (of Zag’s Blog) interview with Coach Cal regarding the coach’s preference for playing three point guards.  Now, I’m assuming this strategy ties in with Coach Cal’s use of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense (I feel so cool talking the jargon).  I’ve been reading  up on the offense over at a site called coachesclipboard.net, and I get the strategic gist, but frankly the squiggles and the zigs and the zags and references to cut-backs and wings make my hair ache — yes, I said it makes my hair ache.  So, your job, should you choose to accept it is to:

1.  Find me a site that has, or provide on  your own, a simpler user friendly description of the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense; and

2.  Explain to me how the three point-guard technique optimizes the offense (assuming that’s the purpose of the three point-guards).

Or, as Linda Richmond might say, the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense is neither a motion nor an offense.  Discuss.

UPDATE:  Vaught’s Views references some Coach Cal comments where he refers to teaching the cats “a totally new way to play.”  Talking about the same thing?

Answer to Question of the Day

August 4, 2009

We received a great response —  point by point I might add — to yesterday’s question of the day.  The answers came from Gray over at razorbacktalk.com.  Oh, and I especially loved the answer to No. 6. 

Here they all are:

1. No big deal about not having walk-ons although Mark Krebs is slated to return, maybe with a scholarship.

 2. I wrote the coaching staff and got an invitation to walk-on. Cameron Mills wrote that after getting a scholarship offer from Georgia and new SUV from his dad, his dad talked Coach Pitino into allowing him to walk-on.

 3. Walk-ons have to be eligible, of course. Some have played significant minutes.

 4. Mills got a scholarship by his junior year.

 5. Mills was a walk-on turned shooting star his junior and senior years on scholarship. Ravi Moss contributed significantly as a walk-on. Mark Coury started as a PF but played sparingly for Gillispie. Marquis Estill served as a walk-on for one season due to a numbers crunch.

 6. Mills claimed his dad got a bill for $8 every time he pulled a donut off the buffet line. 

C.J. Henry was a walk-on at Memphis who did not play his freshman season for Coach Calipari. As he was in the Yankee Minor League he enjoyed a nice signing bonus. Henry is now at Kansas with his brother Xavier.

Oh, and one last thing — A special thanks to John Clay over at the Lexington-Herald leader for linking to our blog’s Question of the Day.

Twitter — The New Blue

August 3, 2009

I got a heads up from Wildcatworld.com about an article at informationweek.com on Twitter as a “transformative power” and, in particular, Calipari’s adroit use of it.

An excerpt:

[Calipari] has used Twitter relentlessly to help rebuild . . . passion and excitement within the Wildcat community, to reestablish the sense of community among the many hundreds of thousands of fans, and to constantly communicate with high-school coaches, recruits . . . donors to the UK athletic program, students, sportswriters and broadcasters, and any and everyone else who can influence the fortunes of the University of Kentucky basketball program.

Read the insightful article.

He had me at Twitter.

July 23, 2009

facebook_picI’ll admit that this little adventure of mine was most likely precipitated with the entrée of Coach Cal onto the scene. The panache, the charisma, his social awareness, and (yeah, this is the nerd in me) his embracing of digital media. Come on, the guy’s on Twitter! Gillespie wouldn’t have even considered such a thing . . . unless maybe you got rid of the w and the t-e-r.  Anyway, UK’s just announced that Coach Cal is now on Facebook! UK also announced that “in addition to his new Facebook page, Calipari rolls out the official John Calipari website, http://www.coachcal.com on Thursday. The website is scheduled to launch at noon on July 23.”