The Price of Infamy

October 14, 2009

UK has announced settlement of the breach of contract case filed by former UK coach Billy Gillispie when he was fired on March 27, 2009, by UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart for not being a “good fit” at the school.  The litigation which originally sought $6 million from the University of Kentucky has ended with the university paying  Gillispie $2.98 million plus $265,000 for Gillispie’s attorneys’ fees and mediation costs.  Gillispie’s attorney said the settlement was “several times” more than UK’s initial offers to the ex-coach .  Read the LHL story here.


Calipari Remembers 9/11

September 10, 2009 reports that Calipari will be in New York for a book-signing of his latest book, Bounce Back, on Thursday and plans to visit the World Trade Center site afterward.  Proceeds from the book will go to the September 11 Memorial and Museum.

“Knowing that I will be signing books in a store adjacent to the World Trade Center site on the eve of 9/11 moved my wife, Ellen, and I to make this donation in hopes of honoring those who lost their lives on that solemn day eight years ago,” said Calipari.

LeBron James High School Teammate now UK Assistant Coach

September 10, 2009

Jerry Tipton over at the LHL’s blogs on a report that UK has hired Brandon Weems, who played with James at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio.  The two have remained very close.  Jeff Young, who coached Weems at Walsh University says Weems will be more than just a recruiting tool:  “He was hired because of who he is,” Young said, “not necessarily who he knows.”   Get more details at

OK I’m back — with a small gripe and some cool, new stuff!

September 8, 2009

Sorry about that little lie about the hiatus.  It was a little hiatuser than I had planned.  Long story involving exploding computers, the gout, and lots and lots of tomatoes.  Hope I didn’t lose any of my readers . . . or . . . reader.

So, I know it’s day late/dollar short’nall but I must tsk tsk the portion of the Big Blue Nation (hereinafter BBN) that has already gone all fickle and is bustin’  a nut (term of art) over Cal wanting to spread the word about the UBBN (United Big Blue Nation) by giving the President of the United States a jersey.  Geeze.  Stop it.  You’re making this adventure of mine unpleasant.  Read more of it here.

Now, fun fun stuff!  I finally, FINALLY got my t-shirt, sticker and blue rubber bracelet.  Wooohoooo!!  Here they are.  Lust after them.  Or go to and get your own.

The shirt.  Some Chinese stuff (Coach) and then "John Calipari"

The shirt. Some Chinese stuff (Coach) and then "John Calipari"

Autograph of the one and only.  I'm pretty sure my shirt was the only one with it.   If you want it, I'll put in a good word.

Autograph of the one and only. I'm pretty sure my shirt was the only one with it. If you want it on yours, I'll put in a good word.

The blue, rubber bracelet sets off the entire ensem'.

The blue, rubber bracelet sets off the entire ensem'.

Okay, I can’t resist.

August 13, 2009

I know my pursuit here is solely one of attaining my maximum Wildcatness, but I just can’t turn my head away from Pitino-gate.  The LHL’s John Clay has this spot for one-stop shopping.  I’m heading over there right now, just as soon as I get the dishes off the table.  That takes on a whole other  meaning now, doesn’t it?  Or as one might be heard to ask in old Italia:  Che cosa è che sul tavolo? 

Oh, and check out this Porcini review over at  “My favorite restaurant until I found out that my usual booth was christened by Rick Pitino. I guess I’d come back, but not without a costco size bottle of Lysol… ” The others are funny too, I especially like the suggested martini name.

Random Rupp Factoid #1

August 13, 2009

Still working on my Wildcats history here and still fascinated with the Baron.  Here’s an interesting little fact to ponder, plus a trivia question.

Factoid: Rupp was a quiet philanthropist and was a benefactor of the Shriners Hospital.

Trivia Question:  Rupp was a potentate of what temple?  Hint:  It’s on Southland Drive in Lexington and has a relationship to the Factoid above. 

Who ever buzzes in (or comments) with the right answer wins a lifetime free subscription to Blue Without a Clue.

Well, duh. Who would’ve thought Coach Cal could teach me the dribble-drive himself?

August 10, 2009

Thanks to he can.  I’m gonna go practice.  😉